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For interested people

on an inner path...

All Sama Barcelona activities always have at least 2 objectives:

  • Well-being, physical and mental health

  • Personal growth, harmony in your family, professional life, etc.


And for the people who love it, they also have a third objective: to advance on their path of evolution and spiritual fulfillment.


In all traditions and times there have been sages and teachers who are living testimony of the possibility of living from a higher dimension of being, with great clarity, joy, compassion and freedom.


Currently, in the face of the rapid changes that we are collectively experiencing (artificial intelligence, ecological crisis, individualism and widespread materialism...), many people understand the importance of strengthening themselves internally and raising their level of consciousness and humanity.


While many understand the importance of growing in serenity and compassion rather than nurturing fear and indifference, few have access to the necessary knowledge and companions on the path for true inner work... e even among those who access them, few actually practice and evolve.  

The teachers of Sama Barcelona, beyond their mastery of different methods, have in common the interest and the authentic practice of a daily spiritual path. Between 2000 and 2020, some of them have received direct teaching from Selim Aïssel, one of the great wisdom teachers of our time, who died in 2020.

Documentary about the teaching of Sélim Aïssel

(in French subtitled in Spanish)


With his teaching, Psychoanthropology, Selim Aïssel adapted to the condition of the current human being the millennial thread of transmission that runs through the main spiritual traditions of East and West, including the Masters of Samara, Taoism, Sufism, the anthroposophy of R. Steiner and the 4th Way by GI Gurdjieff, among others.


He transmitted structures to promote inner work adapted to the man and woman of the 21st century who assume family, social, and professional responsibilities. His teaching is still alive through the study and work groups linked to the School of Psychoanthropology.


To discover Psychoanthropology in Barcelona:

  • The Psychoanthropology Reading Group: every week (time to consult)

To go further:

  • HePsychoanthropology working groupin Barcelona: every week (time to consult)

For more information about the different groups and activities, contact us:   

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