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Sama is the meeting in Barcelona of six meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, and dance teachers trained in particular in the methods of Idris Lahore's Samadeva.


Through various meditation techniques, dances or a conference on energy techniques, all of Sama's programming has an essential goal: to help each one to "cultivate their being", to develop their true qualities (serenity, joy, clarity , openness to others...) from a greater capacity for attention and awareness, regardless of the religious and philosophical beliefs of the person.


At the same time, our methods have a positive action on physical and psychological health, and provide the practitioner with energy and balance that he can introduce in his personal life, in his relationships and in his professional activities.


"Sama" means to be attentive, to listen. Sama-deva:

be attentive to the forces of nature, to its essence.

"Sama" is also a direct reference to the whirling dance of the Dervishes (samā') promoted by the Sufi mystic poet Rûmî, and inscribed on the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

For the foundation of Samadeva, Idris Lahore has resorted to the extraordinary wealth contained in the ancient wisdom of various civilizations (particularly the Chinese Tao Tö Qi, the science of the movement of the Dervishes, the civilization of Samara in Russia, among other main sources), enriched by current Western scientific knowledge.


Sama has two important collaborations for the organization of workshops and events:

1. An agreement with theSamadeva Free Universityto ensure training in the methods and techniques of Samadeva in Barcelona. Internationally recognized for the quality of their transmission, and for their personal ethics, the instructors of theSamadeva Free Universitythey are regularly invited to accompany our workshops and training sessions.

Espacio de cowork amoblado con mesas y sillas

2. A collaboration with Cityzen Barcelona, a very nice zen coworking space in the historic center of Barcelona, en el Born - La Ribera neighborhood, where we concentrate most of our activities.

The teachers

thomas sebastien
He coordinates the actividades of Sama in Cityzen Barcelona and Sama Ediciones. Samadeva Yoga Monitor y meditation
Eva Vilamitjana
Professional dancer and choreographer. Teacher of Samadeva Yoga, Gurdjieff dances and Lahore dances
Mov. Meditativos K -copia- - copia.jpg
Luisa Casanova
Samadeva Yoga teacher and animator of Malkovsky Free Dance workshops
Vita Betsa
Animates classes and workshops of Movements and Gurdjieff's sacred Dances
tali lou young.png
dana sajati
Cellist, pedagogue and musicologist. Teacher of Samadeva Yoga and Lahore Nadi Yoga
Martha Serlavos
Animates Malkovsky Free Dance workshops
dana sajati
Cellist, pedagogue and musicologist. Teacher of Samadeva Yoga and Lahore Nadi Yoga
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