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Fri, Mar 25


Cityzen Barcelona

Gurdjieff & Samadeva Yoga Dance Workshop

An exceptional workshop that combines the benefits of meditation, yoga and Gurdjieff movements, with Olivier Benhamou, Master of Samadeva

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Gurdjieff & Samadeva Yoga Dance Workshop
Gurdjieff & Samadeva Yoga Dance Workshop

Time & Location

Mar 25, 2022, 9:30 AM – Mar 27, 2022, 5:00 PM

Cityzen Barcelona, Carrer dels Mestres Casals i Martorell, 21, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

About the event

Becoming more present, being in better health and with more energy, finding inner strength and serenity in every situation, overcoming your habitual ways of thinking that limit us... all this takes a lot of effort, right?

Imagine traditional methods adapted to women and men of the 21st century that combine the most beautiful ways of meditating, relaxing, dancing and practicing original yoga movements... with surprising efficiency and the pleasure associated with the beauty of every practice!

In 2021 for a series of workshops open to all we have invited in Barcelona some of the best current international instructors in Samadeva Yoga by I. Lahore and Movements by GI Gurdjieff, methods that share common origins with the art of Sufi movement among others.

Olivier Benhamou, Master of Samadeva returns to Barcelona and will animate this October workshop. Trained directly by Idris Lahore for 20 years, and one of his closest collaborators, Olivier is a source of wisdom and enthusiasm that makes these workshops exceptional moments. 

This workshop can participate in a training in 12 days to pass the Samadeva Yoga monitored certification that allows you to give a yoga class, with possible specialization in Gurdjieff Movements. 

For more information about this training course in Barcelona: 

More info about the methods:

Samadeva Yoga:

Traditional art of meditation in movement, it is an extremely revitalizing and energetic method that strengthens the body, harmonizes the emotions and clears the mind. "Sama" means listening, "deva" the divine forces or of nature, or your own inner strength, your essence.

The sacred dances:

Dance masters such as G. I Gurdjieff, and currently I. Lahore, to whom we owe the transmission of Samadeva Yoga, observed how, in various traditions, music and dance were used as instruments of transformation, of evolution of the human being and for the transmission of certain knowledge. They transmitted movements and dances establishing a bridge between the esoteric knowledge of the East and the scientific methods of the West.

The Arkanas: 

These are the essential exercises of Samadeva Yoga, based in particular on the art of the Sufi movement of the Dervishes. The word "Arkana", of Persian origin, means "transformation process", "secret". Indeed, it is only with practice that these movements reveal their secrets. It is said that the Arkanas are "the secret of eternal youth", extracted from the medicine of the Hakim Dervishes. Its specific chains have an in-depth action on all organic systems as well as on energy circulation.

These movements, particularly beautiful and practiced with music, have a positive action on the spine, harmonize the functioning of the muscles, giving them tone and freeing them from useless tension, increasing oxygenation and relaxation, also contributing to the proper functioning of the different organs. and body systems.

Beyond its positive action on physical and psychological health, the practice of Samadeva Yoga provides the necessary energy and balance in your personal life and in your relationships. Through a greater capacity for attention and awareness, it helps to "cultivate your being", to develop our true qualities (serenity, joy, clarity, openness towards others...), whatever the religious and philosophical beliefs of the people. . 

More info about Samadeva Yoga

Gurdjieff's Dances: 

For many, the first impression of these "movements" is a revelation, since they are very different from anything that can be observed in the world of dance. For those who walk towards knowledge of themselves, of others and of the world, these dances are like a book that reveals certain laws of the universe. Complementing the Samadeva Yoga they are also a discipline of the body and the spirit, for an interior transformation, opening in itself a space of freedom, of joy of living and of existing.

The Samadeva completes the Gurdjieff movements by integrating elements of Samadeva Yoga and its "pedagogy of being", based on an awareness of oneself and others in a harmonious interrelation. This unique training proposed by the Free University of Samadeva is directed towards the development of human qualities finding the original vocation of Gurdjieff's sacred movements and dances.

Practical information about the workshop:

Rate: €65 per day 

There is a 12-day training pack with double certification in Samadeva Yoga and Gurdjieff Dances. 

More info: 

Workshop hours:

- 9:30 am - 6:30 pm Saturday

- 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Sunday

Workshop in Spanish and French

Info COVID: limited places. It is recommended to book in advance. In case of sanitary restrictions that prevent the participant from doing the workshop, it is fully reimbursed.

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