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Meditative Retreat with Ennea Tess Griffith

Workshop canceled in 2021

A gift


an inner retreat,

in an exceptional environment,

to regenerate 

and contact himessential in itself.

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The Montseny

Discover or rediscover this natural paradise near Barcelona.

In a protected environment, between sea and mountains, within a 27-hectare property bordering the natural park.


It is an international reference in teaching methods of health, well-being, personal and spiritual growth.


He has been teaching in France for more than 30 years and has traveled the world to China, Russia and Brazil to lead meditation workshops. Formed directly by Idris Lahore, the founder of the Free University of Samadeva, beyond remarkable knowledge and know-how, it transmits a pedagogy of being out of the ordinary.

Ennea Tess Griffith

"There is no spiritual path without spaces for serenity and regeneration to connect with oneself, with others and with nature."

This workshop has been conceived as a 4-day retreat to gain distance and perspective on your day-to-day life, and then return to it with new strength.


Whether you are an experienced meditator or a beginner, you will take full advantage of silent or guided meditations to experience precious moments of regeneration.


Zen meditation, guided meditations, silence, yoga, relaxation, meditative walks...

an inner journey



A typical day

07.30    Original Meditation

08.00    Breakfast

09.00    Zen meditations, Yoga

10.30    Pause

11.00    Guided meditations, meditative movements

12.30    Free time

13.00    Food 

14.45    March in nature

16.00    Guided meditations, Yoga

17.00    Pause

17.20    Zen meditations, meditative movements

18.30    Free time

19.15    Dinner 

20.30    Theme nights

Start at 9:15 a.m. on the first day (Thursday) and end at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. The program is indicative, it can evolve according to the time and the development of the workshop. 

A part of the activities can be carried out outdoors in front of a beautiful natural panorama. Workshop in Spanish and French.


The benefits of

the meditation


Mental and emotional cleansing

During meditation, a process of digestion of our worries and other psychological suffering, conscious or unconscious, begins. This generates a feeling of inner freedom, lightness, clearer thinking and a greater strength to overcome life's difficulties.

Strengthening of the nervous system

During the meditative practice, some particular brain areas are stimulated. The nervous system regenerates, stress decreases, well-being settles. Awareness becomes broader, thus increasing our ability to concentrate. 

Development of the best in itself

Little by little, the meditator frees himself from what we can call veils that envelop what we really are, what some traditions call the essence of the human being. The practitioner gets more in touch with what is best in him, he feels positive feelings, such as the joy of living and love.

Improved relationships and life in general

The meditator becomes someone who feels good in his body and in his head. And when we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about others and the world.

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This workshop is organized by the Associació Albadeva Espaï and promoted by Sama Barcelona.


May 6 to 9, 2021

First day, start at 9:15am (breakfast at 8am). 

Last day, ends at 5:00 p.m. Advised arrival the day before. 



€300: 4-day workshop

€240: reduced rate for registrations until January 31, 2021 


Meals and lodging apart

(see registration brochure)



and more info

       brochure in french


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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