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Dance masters such as G. I Gurdjieff, and currently I. Lahore, observed how, in various traditions, music and dance were used as instruments of transformation, of evolution of the human being and for the transmission of certain knowledge. They created numerous dances establishing a bridge between the esoteric knowledge of the East and the scientific methods of the West.

Experiencing the pleasure of dancing, you will discover the spirit of these sacred choreographies, which, beyond their artistic dimension, reveal answers to our difficulties and sufferings, opening a space of freedom, joy of living, of existing. A beautiful reunion with the sacred itself!

Mujer con los ojos cerrados en posición de danza con un fondo rojo

Dances of the Samadeva

by Idris Lahore

Like any form of sacred art, these dances are sober, beautiful, inspiring and pure. They lead to a harmonious body balance, to the appeasement of thoughts and emotions... They are a "science of movement" that offers a path of  privileged access to true presence towards oneself, generating internal growth.

Each movement carries in its form a precise symbolism. Its diversity stimulates both the body and the mind and transforms the most negative part of itself, leaving room for great feelings, joy, serenity...
Samadeva's dances find their source in the traditional art of the Samara civilization (-4000 years before our era). They come from the artistic dimension of Samadeva Yoga. These dances were born from shows created by Idris Lahore, the last custodian of this tradition.

What we cannot discover about ourselves through our body, we cannot discover   anywhere in the world

Idris Lahore

Get rid of constraints that limit us

According to Gurdjieff our mind is like a machine that associates some things with others and stores it in memory (like a computer hard drive). For example, a child was in a room without light one rainy night when something tragic happened that caused him acute fear. At that moment, neural connections were created between the tragic event, the darkness, and the sound of rain. Years later as an adult, it is possible that each time being in the dark and listening to the rain, he will relive that negative emotion and muscular tension. In this way thousands of connections and mechanical memories are built during life. 

Our thought patterns and defensive postures that were initially created to protect us from pain, over time become barriers that prevent us from connecting with the life force that is hidden within us. Today there are many practices that selectively disassociate these connections, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) or WingWave coaching. Gurdjieff's movements allow us to do basic work to progressively free ourselves from those conditionings that limit us and allow us to contact the true reality within our own being. 

Mujer de pelo negro, vestida de negro, en posición de danza

Gurdjieff's Sacred Dances

For many, the first impression of these "movements" will be a revelation, since they are very different from anything that can be observed in the world of dance. For those who walk towards knowledge of themselves, of others and of the world, these dances are like a book that reveals certain laws of the universe. For those who practice them, they are also a discipline of the body and the spirit, for an interior transformation.

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was a 19th-20th century mystical philosopher, composer and dance teacher of Greek-Armenian origin. Since he was young he traveled to many temples in Caucasia, Afghanistan, Tibet, Turkey, etc. From there he brought to the modern world the figure of the Enneagram and sacred movements that today are called Gurdjieff Movements. Some movements were more than six thousand years old and passed down from generation to generation in schools of wisdom.

Grupo de personas en posición de danza

Those dances are exactly like our books. Just like today information is written on paper, before it was transferred with movements from century to century. Those dances are called Sacred.
G.I. Gurdjieff
Mujer en posición de danza frente al mar en un atardecer

Malkovsky Free Dance


Inspired by Isadora Duncan, François Malkovsky created a movement and listening pedagogy that follows a path that allows the soul to express itself through the body and the body to listen to the song of the universe.

Through the original movement, simple, precise and respectful of human morphology, we search for the true, the authentic... and by expressing it we find the beautiful.


Genuine movement, like many natural phenomena, develops in a succession of waves, comparable to that of the trees in the wind, to the waves of the sea, to the celestial orbits that follow immutable laws; causality, succession, opening and closing, laterality, expansion and retraction, etc. In humans, most of these concentric waves come from the solar plexus.


 It is not the dance that is free, it is the body that recovers its freedom


In practice, the movements make up choreographies that aim to express different realities of existence. The contribution of free dance is useful for the development of presence, awareness and balance and gives us the encounter with a joyful, pristine joy.  _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_  


Its practice does not require any particular competence and is addressed to all those who want a reunion with the true connection between body and emotions.

As Malkovsky said "the gesture is nothing more than the external confirmation of the activity of the soul."

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué es una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff? Las Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff son una serie de movimientos y ejercicios de meditación en movimiento, creados por el filósofo y místico armenio George Gurdjieff. Se realizan en grupo y están diseñadas para ayudarte a alcanzar un estado de conciencia más elevado. ¿Por qué debería probar una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff? Si estás buscando una manera de conectarte más profundamente contigo mismo, de mejorar tu bienestar físico y emocional y de descubrir tu verdadero potencial, las Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff son perfectas para ti. ¿Cómo se realiza una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff? Durante una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff, un facilitador dirigirá a los participantes a través de una serie de movimientos y ejercicios, mientras se escucha música específica. Todos los participantes trabajan juntos para crear un ambiente de conexión y apoyo. ¿Qué beneficios puedes obtener de practicar las Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff? A través de la práctica de las Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff, puedes esperar sentir una mayor sensación de paz, claridad y conexión con tu verdadero yo. También puedes experimentar una mejora en tu salud física y emocional, así como una mayor conciencia de ti mismo y de los demás. ¿Necesito tener experiencia en danza para participar en una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff? No, no es necesario tener experiencia en danza para participar en una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff. Las Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff están diseñadas para ser accesibles para todos, independientemente de su nivel de habilidad o experiencia en danza. ¿Qué ropa debo usar para una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff? Se recomienda usar ropa cómoda y suelta que permita movimiento libre. Es importante que te sientas cómodo y que puedas moverte sin restricciones durante la sesión. ¿Hay un coste para participar en una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff? Sí, hay un coste asociado con la participación en una sesión de Danzas sagradas de Gurdjieff en Sama Barcelona. Sin embargo, el coste es mínimo y se justifica por la calidad de la experiencia y la enseñanza que recibirás. Además, el coste incluye la participación en una sesión guiada por un instructor altamente capacitado y la oportunidad de practicar y experimentar con un grupo diverso de personas que comparten tus intereses.

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