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Sama Editions

Books, CDs and DVDs in Spanish to accompany the practice of our methods. We add new items regularly. All products can be obtained directly in Barcelona or by post.

The music of Samadeva Yoga is available atsamashop  (French site where you can also find more reference articles).

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Samadeva Yoga, practice manual for monitors and teachers


Idris Lahore, Ennea Tess Griffith and Emma Tyloch

62 pages


DVDs for the practice and learning of Samadeva Yoga sessions (1h15)

Available in Spanish:

- Session Philosophy

- Session Sufi

- Session Great Movement




Tess Griffith, Ennea

Emma Thyloch


What do you do your life?

A spiritual path, what is it?

12 €

Selim Aïssel

232 pages

Livret medit.png

The basics of zen meditation

A health practice


Sama Ediciones, based on Samadeva Yoga

12 pages

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