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Meditation y artes of the movement in meditation

You just need to sit comfortably and physically relax. Little by little, breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation slow down: all systems rest and  regenerate.
Then another phenomenon occurs: the mind, faced with this "unusual inactivity" of the physical body, shows its own agitation, with its thoughts, its memories, its projects, its worries, its dreams or its images. The mind is like a mechanism in perpetual motion and  generally we identify ourselves with it...


When the meditator  highlights all this, it is because he has awakened in him a part of his mind that observes everything that happens from a certain distance; he has accessed another internal instance, which we call the "conscious self", which simply notes and observes.

Paisaje en un atardecer frente al mar. Una persona se ve a lo lejos
Mujer con ojos cerrados, vestida de negro, en posición de meditar

the calm force

Having discovered in him that "conscious self" that notes and observes everything that happens in meditation, the meditator understands that he can also observe everything that happens in his life: his words, his attitudes, his actions (and reactions), your sensations and, of course, your thoughts, moods, emotions and feelings. He realizes that, just like in meditation, simply observing is a source of calm and strength.


What you will have experienced as an observer, as a "conscious self", during the meditation, you can also apply to your daily life. This will sometimes allow you to take  a certain distance in front of  unpleasant people and situations: we call this disidentifying. In the case of pleasant situations, you will be able to enjoy it more consciously. He will feel calmer and more in control of himself and therefore stronger in any situation: he will feel "the calm force" in him.

Meditation is the greatest art of the human being

Escultura gris de buddha

This is not a hobby, but the most important task of a lifetime, which no vagabond will ever have the courage to tackle.
Idris Lahore

be truly yourself

With the practice of meditation, another phenomenon will occur: the meditator will realize, as an observer and "conscious self", that the mind with its thoughts can calm down to make room for silence and even for the emptiness of thought. These experiences of inner silence will be for him   the moments of greatest calm and greatest regeneration. The meditator will have the impression of "coming home", of really feeling at home, of really being himself: real moments of intense happiness. This is how meditation is done, twice a day for 20 minutes, the most intimate moment of meeting with oneself and in contact, in oneself, with the sources of love, serenity,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ joy and clarity.

moving meditation

Certain movements can also favor the search for the meditative state. We use in particular the 40 “meditative movements” of Samadeva Yoga. Each of these movements is related to a particular positive internal state. They help us to observe and come into contact in a meditative and conscious way with our habitual states of impatience, agitation, imbalance... facilitating and developing the acquisition of a greater capacity for concentration, balance and awareness. They are considered zen in motion and the slower they are practiced the greater their effects. They are also a privileged means to discover the close link between body, emotions and thought.

Un hombre y una mujer, vestidos de negro y de blanco, en posición de danza

Within everyone's reach

The advantage of meditation is that it can be practiced outside of all belief; it is universal and addresses both the believer and the atheist, because it does not require any adoration or submission.

Since meditation is not easy, it is necessary to approach it with great seriousness and perseverance. The meditator will realize that with practice, he gains more and more strength for his daily life. The person who practices will begin to change and the world around him will change; you will find a great capacity for concentration and attention, a strength of character and a true will, and it will reduce your nervousness, your agitation and your lack of control.

From inner silence to the mystery of being

Meditation has internal silence as its profound nature, and when one has not reached that state, it is about making an effort to induce it. It is in the inner silence that  we can enter the deep layers of consciousness, touch the mystery of life and being, not only by thought or through la emotion, but with his whole being.

Mujer de pelo claro, vestida de blanco, en posición de danza

Lou Yong (Qi Gong), the movements of great serenity

Starting from a meditative state, it is a question of conducting the Qi energy of the infinity of space and nature towards the body. The movements seem simple and easy, and at the same time give the impression of a light and graceful dance. They induce to let go, to release, to relaxation and regeneration of body and spirit.

Learning takes place in three stages. At first it is about learning to perform the movements correctly. Later you learn to feel the circulation of Qi energy. The third stage allows to reach the serenity of all the processes.


Sama Barcelona offers Qi Gong workshops according to the Lou Yong tao Tö Qi method of Sino-Tibetan origin.

To practice

Sama offers zen meditation sessions and a variety of guided meditations (Original Meditation, Three Senses Meditation, Compassion Meditation, etc.). To the still meditations, the sessions generally add moments of moving meditation of Samadeva Yoga, and specific Qi Gong classes.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué es una sesión de meditación y arte del movimiento en meditación de Sama Barcelona? Una sesión de meditación y arte del movimiento en meditación de Sama Barcelona es una oportunidad para conectarte contigo mismo y con el mundo a través de la meditación y el arte del movimiento. Durante la sesión, se te guiará en una meditación profunda y te enseñará técnicas de movimiento y respiración para ayudarte a alcanzar un estado de calma y relajación. ¿Por qué debería probar una sesión? Probar una sesión de meditación y arte del movimiento en Sama Barcelona es una oportunidad única para liberar estrés y tensión, mejorar tu concentración y aumentar tu bienestar emocional. Además, esta práctica te ayudará a desarrollar una mayor conciencia de ti mismo y de tu entorno. ¿Necesito tener experiencia previa en meditación para asistir a una sesión? No, no es necesario tener experiencia previa en meditación para asistir a una sesión. Todos son bienvenidos, independientemente de su nivel de experiencia. ¿Qué debo llevar o preparar para asistir a una sesión de meditación y arte del movimiento en meditación? Debes llevar ropa cómoda y una toalla o una esterilla para sentarte en el suelo durante la meditación. También es recomendable que lleves una botella de agua y una manta para mantenerte caliente durante la meditación. ¿Cómo puedo reservar una sesión o clase? Puedes reservar una sesión o clase de meditación y arte del movimiento en Sama Barcelona a través de su página web o llamando al teléfono indicado en la misma. ¿Hay algún coste para asistir a una sesión de meditación y arte del movimiento en meditación de sama Barcelona? Sí, hay un coste para asistir a una sesión de meditación y arte del movimiento en Sama Barcelona. Sin embargo, el costo varía según la duración y la frecuencia de la sesión. Consulta la página web de Sama Barcelona para obtener más información sobre los precios.

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